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Cabinet Decision: 10th January 2013
Title of Item/Report
A Safe Place for Children
Record of the Decision
Members received a report that provided information that Stockton Local Safeguarding Childrens Board (SLSCB) had drawn up guidance, A Safer Place for Children, for member agencies to promote the safety of children in public settings such as libraries and neighbourhood centres.

Members were provided with the following information:-

Public settings such as libraries, neighbourhood centres and sports centres could be dynamic and exciting places for children, providing relevant and accessible services. To enable these services to flourish it was essential that they are a safe place for children who use them. Children should feel safe and secure and know that they would receive suitable help if required.

A Safer Place for Children had been produced by SLSCB to support organisations responsible for such settings to create an appropriately safe environment. The guidance had been written specifically for managers of public settings who require a framework to assist them in the development of policies and procedures to promote the safety of children.

A policy promoting the safety of children is one of the foundations of a well managed service. Rather than reacting to particular difficulties or threats, organisations should seek to proactively create an environment in which children feel comfortable and safe where their self confidence can grow.

It was important that all agencies working with children were seen to create safe public settings within the community which take the issue of children's safety seriously.

Such settings should also make information available to parents to ensure the safety of their children when using the facilities. This should include details of who to contact if they have concerns on a number of issues such as:

„X Child abuse and neglect
„X Bullying
„X Forced marriage
„X Sexual exploitation
„X E-safety


1. A Safer Place for Children guidance be adopted.

2. Delegate responsibility for approving amended policies covering the various public settings run by or on behalf of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council to the relevant Corporate Director and Lead Cabinet Member, in consultation with the Corporate Director, Children Education and Social Care.
Reasons for the Decision
A Safer Place for Children guidance had been approved by SLSCB and all member agencies had therefore been requested to review current policies in the light of this.
Alternative Options Considered and Rejected
Declared (Cabinet Member) Conflicts of Interest
Details of any Dispensations
Date and Time by which Call In must be executed
Midnight on Friday, 18th January 2013

Date of Publication: 14 January 2013

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