Council Minutes

Wednesday, 30th January, 2019
Council Chamber, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1AU
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

The Worshipful the Mayor (Cllr Eileen Johnson), Cllr Helen Atkinson, Cllr Sonia Bailey, Cllr Louise Baldock, Cllr Chris Barlow, Cllr Jim Beall, Cllr Derrick Brown, Cllr Carol Clark, Cllr Chris Clough, Cllr Robert Cook, Cllr Nigel Cooke, Cllr Evaline Cunningham, Cllr Kevin Faulks, Cllr John Gardner, Cllr Lisa Grainge, Cllr Lynn Hall, Cllr Elsi Hampton, Cllr Tony Hampton, Cllr Di Hewitt, Cllr Stefan Houghton, Cllr Barbara Inman, Cllr Mohammed Javed, Cllr Paul Kirton, Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy, Cllr Mrs Kathryn Nelson, Cllr Steve Nelson, Cllr Mrs Jean O'Donnell, Cllr Ross Patterson, Cllr Maurice Perry, Cllr Lauriane Povey, Cllr Stephen Richardson, Cllr Paul Rowling, Cllr Michael Smith, Cllr Andrew Stephenson, Cllr Norma Stephenson O.B.E, Cllr Mick Stoker, Cllr Marilyn Surtees, Cllr Laura Tunney, Cllr Matthew Vickers, Cllr Mrs Sylvia Walmsley, Cllr Sally Ann Watson, Cllr Paul Weston, Cllr Julia Whitehill, Cllr David Wilburn, Cllr Norma Wilburn, Cllr Bill Woodhead MBE and Cllr Barry Woodhouse.
Neil Schneider (CE), Julie Danks, Peter Bell (DCE), Beccy Brown, Julie Butcher (HR, L&C), Garry Cummings (F&BS), Richard McGuckin (E,G&D), Jamie McCann (CS), Ann Workman (AH); Reuben Kench (CL&E).
In Attendance:
Members of the Public.
Apologies for absence:
Cllr Paul Baker, Cllr Julia Cherrett, Cllr Gillian Corr, Cllr Ian Dalgarno, Cllr Phil Dennis, Cllr Ken Dixon, Cllr David Harrington, Cllr Mick Moore and Cllr Tracey Stott.
Item Description Decision
The Worshipful the Mayor welcomed everyone to the meeting and the evacuation procedure was noted.
Councillor Steve Nelson declared a personal pecuniary interest in respect of agenda 8 - Stockton-On-Tees Local Plan as he was a Director of Thirteen. Councillor Steve Nelson withdrew from the meeting and left the room during consideration of the item.

Councillor Paul Weston declared a personal pecuniary interest in respect of agenda 8 - Stockton-On-Tees Local Plan as he was employed by Thirteen. Councillor Paul Weston withdrew from the meeting and left the room during consideration of the item.
The minutes of the meeting held on 12 December 2018 were signed by the Worshipful the Mayor as a correct record.
The Worshipful the Mayor welcomed Peter Smith, Caroline McCormack and Peter Otter to the meeting.

The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health reported that two social workers at Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council had scooped national awards for their work with adults and their families.

Peter Smith, Service Manager, who worked in social care for more than 40 years, received the Gold Lifetime Achievement Award at the Social Worker of the Year Awards 2018.

Caroline McCormack, Adult Safeguarding Social Worker, picked up the Silver Award in the Newly Qualified Adult Social Worker category.

During his time at the Council, Peter Smith was instrumental in creating and overseeing the Council’s award winning Reablement Services and the LiveWell Dementia Hub.

Caroline McCormack worked hard to protect some of the Borough’s most vulnerable residents, having been commended by colleagues and partners in the Police and NHS.

The staff at the LiveWell Dementia Hub were also shortlisted as finalists in the Team of the Year category and Peter Otter the LiveWell Dementia Hub Coordinator was at the meeting on behalf of the staff at the Hub.

The LiveWell Dementia Hub was a unique community based service for anyone living in Stockton-on-Tees who would like information, support or training related to dementia. This included people with dementia, their families and carers as well as anyone else who would like to learn more about the condition

The Hub environment had been designed to better support people with dementia and offers a calm space where you can access:

•Up-to-date information about dementia and the services and support available locally
•Support groups and social activities for people with dementia and carers
•Memory service appointments
•Information and training for anyone wanting to know more about dementia

Congratulations were given to Peter Smith, Caroline McCormack and Peter Otter on their fantastic achievements.
The Worshipful the Mayor welcomed Emily Carr and Sue Cain to the meeting.

The Cabinet Member for Children and Young People reported that on the 5 July 2018 Bishopton Pupil Referral Unit welcomed in an assessor for the national Inclusion Quality Mark. She spent the day with the Head Teacher Emily and other senior leaders, she toured the school and talked to staff, pupils, parents / carers, Management Committee and other stakeholders. She visited lessons and scrutinised school displays.

At the end of the day she fed back her findings. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and she made the recommendation that the Unit should apply for Centre of Excellence with a longer term plan to become a Flagship School.

Lesley Colthart IQM Inspector reported that:-

“Relationships are positive and genuine, there is laughter and harmony, aspiration and love.”

On September 7th 2018 the school was awarded Centre of Excellence.

Congratulations were given to the whole school community.
The Chief Solicitor informed Members that no Public Questions had been received.

1. The conclusions of the Report on the Examination of the STLP received from the Planning Inspectorate (see paragraph 8 of the report) be noted which recommended that, subject to modifications, the Local Plan can be adopted.

2. The STLP as attached at Appendix 1 of the report (including all modifications) and Policies Map (Appendix 2 of the report) be adopted.

3. The Core Strategy (2010) policies and saved Local Plan (1997) and Alteration Number 1 (2006) policies be superseded upon the adoption of the STLP.

4. The comments made at Planning Committee 16th January 2019 be noted.
The Chief Solicitor informed Members that no Members' Questions had been received.
The Leader of the Council gave his Forward Plan and Leader's Statement.

The Council last met in December and since then Cabinet had met twice and considered a number of important matters. Cabinet received reports on:
• Community Wealth building
• The School performance of vulnerable pupils
• The Children’s Safeguarding partnership
• The Children’s Services progress update
• The Finance mid-year update report
• The Scrutiny review of parking on grass verges
• Customer Service Excellence
• The Stockton Riverside College Annual Report
• The Scrutiny Review of Digital Optimisation
• The Scrutiny review of Bring Sites for recycling
• The Tees Valley Joint Waste Management Strategy for 2020-2025
• An update on Targeted Action Areas
• The Economic Climate report
• The Memorial Lighting Calendar
• The Adoption of the Local Plan (which we have dealt with earlier in this meeting).

Looking ahead there was a busy time coming up at Cabinet before the next meeting of Council. On 14 February Cabinet would consider:

• The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2019-23 and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment refresh.
• An update on the Tees Valley Adoption Service.
• The results of the Reporting-In Reviews on Care Leavers and Children in Need.
• The Children and Young People's Plan
• The procedure for admission of pupils to primary and secondary schools.
• The Schools Attendance Procedure
• The Council Plan update
• A report of the results of the 2018 Employee Survey
• The updated Member Learning & Development Strategy
• A report from the Children and Young People Select Committee on their Scrutiny Review of the Child's Journey
• A report from the People Select Committee on their Scrutiny Review of the under-representation of BME Communities in the SBC Workforce
• A report from the Adult Social Care and Health Select Committee on their Scrutiny Review of Temporary Accommodation for Homelessness
• A report from the Place Select Committee on their Scrutiny Review of the Consolidation of Thirteen Housing Group
• A Licensing Service Update
• The Annual Review report from the Independent Safety Advisory Group.

Following that there was another Cabinet meeting on the 21 February to consider the Medium Term Financial Plan and Council Plan before the next meeting of Council on the 27 February.
7.00 pm to 8.30 pm


Consideration was given to a report that updated Members of the process undertaken in the preparation of the Stockton-on-Tees Local Plan (STLP) and the conclusions and recommendations of the report received from the Planning Inspector appointed to undertake the examination of the STLP which identified that the STLP (subject to recommended Main Modifications) was sound, legally compliant and capable of adoption.

In addition, the report informed Members of the statutory procedures for the adoption of the STLP, following which there was a six-week period when it could be challenged in the High Court under section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

To adopt the STLP the Council must as soon as reasonably practicable complete the following statutory procedures:

• The Inspector’s Report, the STLP and supporting documentation, the Adoption Statement and Sustainability Appraisal Post Adoption Statement will be made available during normal office hours in the places where pre-submission documents were made available (that is, our principal office, which is Stockton Central Library and Customer Service Centre Council and local libraries);
• Publish the documents referred to above on the Council’s website;
• Inform stakeholders who have asked to be kept informed of the adoption of the STLP and let them know where the documents can be inspected; and
• Send a copy of the Adoption Statement to the Secretary of State.

The legal date of adoption of the STLP was the date it is adopted by Full Council. Under section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, there was a period of six weeks from this date within which any person aggrieved by the document may make an application to the High Court on the ground that:

• The document is not within the appropriate power;
• A procedural requirement has not been complied with.

Grounds for being aggrieved do not include disagreement with polices contained within the STLP.

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