Health & Wellbeing Board Minutes

Wednesday, 30th September, 2020
2.00 p.m.
Remote meeting via Microsoft Teams
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr Jim Beall(Chairman), Cllr Lisa Evans, Cllr Jacky Bright, Cllr Luke Frost, Cllr Lynn Hall, Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy, Martin Gray, Ann Workman, Fiona Adamson, Sarah Bowman - Abouna, Jon Carling, Michael Houghton (Sub for David Gallagher), Dominic Gardner, Barbara Bright (Sub for Julie Gillon), Lisa Oldroyd, Anne Sykes
Michael Henderson, Peter Bell, Gareth Aungiers
Apologies for absence:
David Gallagher,Julie Gillon, Saleem Hassan, Sheila Lister
Item Description Decision

1. the priorities, reset action plan and way forward be agreed.

2. timescales relating to the priorities, be managed, alongside other issues, via the established Forward Plan process, detailed above.

3. an updated version of the action plan be provided to the next meeting, with indicative dates.

1. the update and Covid Control Plan be noted.

2.the current position in relation to the spread of COVID-19 and the actions described in the Plan and report, to address this, be noted.

3. Outbreak Management Updates be a standing item on the Board's agenda.
RESOLVED that the proposals, detailed above and in the report, be agreed.
RESOLVED that the update be noted.
RESOLVED that the minutes be noted and the requested information about the Blossom Project be forwarded to members of the Board.
RESOLVED that the updates be noted


Prior to consideration of the meeting’s business, the Board observed a minute’s silence in memory of the Borough’s residents who had lost their lives to the Covid -19 virus.
There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the meeting held on 26 February 2020 were confirmed as a correct record.
Consideration was given to a report that presented the outcomes of the Board’s two workshop sessions, relating to setting initial priorities, in response to, and, in the light of, Covid-19.

It was explained that during the workshop sessions the Board had collated information around the impact of Covid-19, on the population and organisations, and developed a draft action plan for resetting the Board’s priorities.

The Board was provided with an appendix to the report, detailing the draft action plan, which included an overview of the proposed priority areas and the individuals currently identified to take those priorities forward.

It was explained that some priorities were specific areas, whereas others were cross- cutting. It was suggested that future Board meetings focus on each priority to agree a specific way forward. It was accepted that timescales in this regard would be influenced by the prevailing situation relating to Covid-19 and reference was made to the emerging second spike of positive cases.

Members noted that the priorities identified in response to learning from Covid-19 were built on those identified through the previous work to develop the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. As such, the Strategy remained the overarching strategic document for the Board. Equally, the evidence base and intelligence upon which the pre-Covid priorities were built, remained of relevance and would continue to be updated.

It was proposed that work was undertaken to scope and define key strategic systems’ outcomes, against the new priorities, and an appropriate way of capturing progress against these. It was agreed that the Director of Public Health presents proposal to a future Board, on this work, working with intelligence colleagues from the respective Board member organisations. This work was an important part of the next phase of planning / recovery
work, across organisations, as well as the ongoing response to Covid-19.

Discussion/key points:

- The Chair indicated that he had recently attended meetings of the Children and Young People's Partnership and Adults Health and Wellbeing Partnership, where he had thanked partners for their work, during the pandemic, and explained the process the Board had recently undertaken, to reset priorities. He had offered Partnership members the opportunity of feeding into that process.

-Board members agreed the identified priorities and offered their help to support the work, in each area.

- It was noted that some work had been undertaken to forecast the potential impact of Covid-19 on mental health, across different sectors of the population. It was suggested that some detail around this work could be reported to a future meeting of the Board.

- Reference was made to System Enablers, which was the subject of a separate report, later in the agenda [see specific minute, below]

- There was some important joined up work to do around vulnerable groups e.g. winter illnesses and domestic abuse.

- Inclusion would run through all work and was an underpinning principle.

- Communications between partners and innovation had been a particularly strong area, during Covid.

- It was suggested that a brief report on the Covid Care at Home (Virtual Ward) be provided to a future meeting, which linked with the non Covid conditions and chronic disease management.

- The winter period, and a second spike, would present challenges and it was important to maximise the full partnership's potential.

Members noted that the Chair considered issues around the Forward Plan, on a regular basis, and it was agreed that the timing of reports, coming into the Board, would continue to be considered at that forum. It was accepted that the changing position, regarding Covid-19, would require a high level of flexibility in terms of priorities, and other items, being presented to the Board.
The Board considered a report that provided a brief summary of the work, to-date, on outbreak management, in relation to Covid -19, together with an update on the current position and a summary of actions underway.

Members received a copy of the Covid-19 Control Plan, for Stockton on Tees Borough. The initial version of this had been required, by Government, in June. The Plan was being amended on a regular basis, in the light of the rapidly changing environment, around Covid, and Board members were encouraged to highlight any matters that they felt required consideration.

It was explained that the Plan focused on prevention and response. Members noted some of the work that was being undertaken, across settings, in terms of prevention and response. Discussions were ongoing about how contact tracing could be supported, locally.

The plan included detail of support associated with people self-isolating and those who were clinically vulnerable and therefore shielding.

In terms of Governance, the Council had been required to establish a Health Protection Board. In Stockton this was known as the Covid-19 Control Group and it gave technical leadership and direction to the Plan and its implementation. A Local Outbreak Engagement Group had also been required, which provided the political interface and communications and engagement leadership. It was noted that the Health and Wellbeing Board’s role included, providing oversight and scrutiny of the Outbreak Management arrangements. It would also use its links across partners, to identify capacity, when needed.

The Board was provided with an overview of the local position regarding positive cases. It was explained that recently available data indicated that the Borough had had 170 positive cases in the last 7 days, at a rate of 86 per 100k population.
Members considered a report that outlined the work, to-date, on System Enablers, which had been identified, by the Board, as one of its priority areas.

The specific areas which had enabled a system wide response to the pandemic, were considered to be:-

a. Volunteering and community asset building.

b. Data sharing protocols.

c. Partnership working and communication

d. Information, signposting and navigation

e. Workforce

It was suggested that further work was required to:

- understand and reflect on what had been achieved.

- identify specific areas of good practice to build into future work

- seek agreement to embed, further develop or refine specific proposals.

Given the close links between a number of the ‘enablers’ it was proposed that the work would be taken forward through a further discussion session, with key partners’ representatives, and the outcomes brought back to the Board in the form of a report to a future meeting.

Where there were links to other areas of work (such as the volunteering and signposting role of the community hub) these links would be made to avoid any potential duplication.


- noted that Catalyst would be undertaking a campaign to increase volunteering.

- reference made to work already undertaken around building community assets and the pathfinder pilot.

- the community hub had been an excellent example of work during Covid, which needed to be taken forward, and work was ongoing on how to develop it for the future and ensure sustainability. Discussion would be undertaken to ensure links between the hub development work and the enablers work was established.
Consideration was given to a report that provided the Board with an update relating to the activities of the Community Hub.

It was explained that the Hub was established in March 2020, to enable vulnerable members of the public, who were affected by COVID-19, to receive food supplies and other essential services, many of whom were shielding and unable to leave their homes.

The hub was a partnership venture between the Council, Catalyst, and a number of voluntary sector organisations.

The services provided by the hub had been:

- Supply and delivery of food parcels
- Ordering, collecting and delivering supermarket shopping
- Collecting and delivering prescriptions
- Looking after pets
- Emotional support

Data relating to the number of people using these services was provided and it was noted that demand had been extremely high, however, this demand had reduced as restrictions had eased.

Catalyst worked closely with the Council to monitor the number of new COVID infections in Stockton and would flag up any trends which indicated a rise in demand. Additionally, Catalyst was keen to receive, and train, new volunteers and a recruitment campaign was planned.


- in terms of emotional support, it was indicated that the hub could, if necessary, refer people to TEWV’s free phone crisis line/listening service.

- volunteering had been very successful during the pandemic and had illustrated the community spirit that existed locally and nationally. The Board placed, on record, its thanks to the individuals who had volunteered during the crisis.

- social prescribing team would be linking with services to ensure resources, supporting people who were shielding, were used effectively.
Members considered the following minutes:

- Children and Young People's Partnership - 22 January 2020

- Adults’ Health a Wellbeing Partnership - 29 January 2020

Reference was made to the Blossom Project which had been discussed by the Adults’ Health and Wellbeing Partnership, at its meeting, in January. It was queried how many young women had passed through/ been helped by the project. It was indicated that this information would be passed onto Board members.
Members were given the opportunity of providing an update to the Board:

- Rosedale Centre had a Covid wing during the first wave, that was likely to be reactivated, given the increase in positive cases, in the community.

- Healthwatch had been working, remotely, throughout the pandemic. It was envisaged that there would be some of its reports that could be shared with the Board in due course.

- North Tess Hospital would be launching campaigns, to encourage people to attend screening services.

- TEWV was back at pre Covid-19 levels, in terms of referrals for planned care. Urgent care referrals were running at 120% of pre Covid-19 rate. Contacts with patients was moving back to face to face, as this was the most appropriate and effective form of contact, for a large number of its patients.

- the GP Federation was working with partners, preparing for winter. It continued to look after Covid positive patients, in order to leave the General Practices to reduce backlogs and deal with business as usual. Work was being undertaken to support and ‘look after’ staff, as the weeks and months ahead were likely to be challenging.

- CCG continued to support the system. Business as usual but also working with public health and others in relation to Covid. Looking to get out messages around flu and screening, reminding people to keep appointments and messages about symptoms, so people could be signposted.

- Catalyst was reopening offices. Main focuses would include, volunteering campaign, digital inclusion and the food power network, ensuring food was available for foodbanks/parcels etc. With regard to digital inclusion, it was suggested that Catalyst link with the Council’s library service.

- Child death overview panel update to be rescheduled for January. Referrals into Children’s Service were moving to pre Covid-19 levels.

- Public Health had moved back into a response phase, dealing with lots of queries. The service would need to stand down some other works, but would keep this under review, on a regular basis.

- a North East Health and Wellbeing Board Chairs’ Network was being reconstituted. Terms of Reference would be shared with this Board, when available.

- North East and Cumbria Integrated Care System had been awarded £9 million for applied research. The Chair indicated that he was having discussions to see if any work could be undertaken to assist the Borough/ Tees Valley.

-the Chair explained that members of the Tees Valley Health and Wellbeing Chairs’ Network had signed a letter that had been sent to the Secretary of State expressing concern at Public Health England being disbanded and urged consultation with Health and Wellbeing Boards around what would replace it’s non health protection functions. A consultation document had been issued and may be something this Board should respond to.
Members noted the Forward Plan and it was agreed that work on the priorities would help further populate it.

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