Stockton Home Safety Association Minutes

Wednesday, 11th September, 2019
Ground Floor Committee Room, Town Hall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1AU
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr Mrs Ann McCoy(Chairman), Cllr Mohammed Javed, V Vacancy,
Andrea Gledhill, Allison Lilliendahl, Sarah Whaley
In Attendance:
Darren Lane (Fire Authority)
Apologies for absence:
Michelle Bendelow, Cllr Julia Whitehill
Item Description Decision
RESOLVED that the minutes be approved.
AGREED that the discussion detailed above be noted and actioned as appropriate.
AGREED that the discussion detailed above be noted and actioned as appropriate.


The Evacuation Procedure was noted.
There were no declarations of interest.
Consideration was given to the minutes from the meeting which was held on 18th June for approval.
Members and Officers were asked to discuss and agree the next Stockton Home Safety Associations event to be held October 2019 in terms of venue, date, time and topics / services to be promoted on the day.

It was agreed that the event would be held in Stockton Town Centre 23rd October 10.00am until 2.00pm during market day to enable the services attending to engage with as many members of the public as possible.

The suggested topics to be showcased at the event were as follows:

- The dangers of chip pans;

- the benefits and installation of smoke alarms, highlighting to the public that they were provided and installed by the Fire Authority free of charge;

- advice highlighting the importance of regular gas appliance and boiler checks in the home;

- firework safety and legislation in terms of firework sales. Also focusing on the Fire Authorities strategy in terms of Bonfires on and around November 5th;

- the dangers and most common causes of deliberate fires and how to prevent them;

- promotion of the services provided by the Fire Authority to the over 65's, particularly those who were vulnerable, including the Fire Authorities warm homes initiative;

- dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and the benefits of carbon monoxide detectors, specifically looking at families who may have children leaving home for University for the first time and who may be renting rooms in Houses of Multiple Occupation;

- the dangers of medicines being mistaken for sweets and how to avoid accidental poisoning in children;

- in terms of scams, encouraging members of the public to sign up to take the ‘friends against scams’,10 minute online training which was ran by Trading Standards.

- Information regarding the recently changed prescription service with explanations of the new rules and the reasons it had been changed.

- the Governance Officer informed the Committee that Community Protection Service had offered to carry out security marking on bikes belonging to members of the public.

- Children’s Services to promote the services they provide to local families, including home safety and first aid courses, campaigns surrounding poisoning from household chemicals etc.

- a simple questionnaire to be offered to members of the public, which would then enter them into a free prize draw for a £25 shopping voucher. This would give Officers and Members a better understanding of how well informed the public were of the services available to them.

It was agreed that each service would provide relevant paraphernalia relating to all topics to be promoted, including free promotional items as follows:

- purse bells;
- pens and pencils;
- mobile phone holders;
- wheelie bin stickers;
- door chains
- debit/credit card protectors;
- magnetic notepads with safety messages on them;
- baths mats;
- drawer and cupboard locks

In terms of campaigns highlighting the dangers of chip pans, Darren Lane Fire Officer from Cleveland Fire Authority explained that only a small number of people were using chip pans now following previous campaigns. The latest findings were that those that were using chip pans were doing so safely. Most people were now using deep fat fryers and the committee were informed that the Cleveland area was the safest to live, in terms of fires in the home.

The Trading Standards Officer informed the Committee they would bring along a display box which was used to display medicines and sweets side by side. Members of the Public would be asked to differentiate between the two to see how many they recognised, whilst highlighting the dangers of accidental poisoning in children.

It was agreed that the questionnaire be simplified so as not to be too time consuming when members of the public were completing them.

In terms of promoting the event it was agreed that the last electronic poster to be used would be amended to highlight the venue, date and time of the event in October. The poster would be e mailed to all Ward Councillors who would be asked to publish on their own websites, notifying residents of the event.

The Fire Officer agreed that the Fire Services Communications Team could also promote the event through their own Twitter / Facebook pages.

The Governance Officer would investigate promoting the event through the communication team via Stockton Borough Councils Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Chair requested that the Mayor and Cabinet Member for Access, Communities & Community Safety Cllr Steve Nelson be invited to attend the event.
The Home Safety Officer for Children’s Services gave a brief update informing the Committee of the up and coming relaunches of the four remaining Family Hubs with the Borough of Stockton.

The launches were aimed at local families in the Redhill, Thornaby, Billingham and Stockton hubs where there was to be various family activities held. The Hubs had historically offerred services to families’ with children aged from 0-5 however this had now changed to families with children aged from 0-19.

The Committee also heard that Children’s Services continued to work with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), and were actively involved in the 'Take Action Today' campaign which was aimed at protecting children from the risks of household cleaning products. The campaign was in line with Stockton Borough Councils strategy as Stockton Borough had a higher than England average rate for poisoing to the under 5's.

The Home Safety Officer for Children’s Services agreed to discuss with the Fire Officer, outside of the meeting, how the Fire Service could liaise with Children’s Services in terms of signposting vulnerable families to them, during the Fire Service's visits to members of the local community.

The Chairman Councillor Ann McCoy asked the Home Safety Officer for Children’s Services if reports were still available from Accident and Emergency departments detailing the number of accidents suffered by small children. The Officer for Children’s Services confirmed although the specific report requested was no longer available there was information available via Public Health which broke down accidents into falls, burns and poisoning in the under fours. It was agreed a report would be brought back to the next committee meeting of the Stockton Home Safety Association and if possible would be broken down into Wards.

The Committee were also informed that first aid information packs had been made for pharmacies to display within 40 pharmacies across the Borough.

The Chair requested that more packs be made to be displayed in the Stockton Shopmobility Centre and Stockton and District Advice and Information Service.

The date of the next meeting was 29th October 2019, 2.00pm, to be held in the Ground Floor Committee Room, Town Hall, Stockton High Street.

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