Standards (Parish & Independent Representatives) Appointment Panel (ceased to operate 30/06/2013) Minutes

Monday, 14th January, 2008
Conference Room 1, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton
Please note: all Minutes are subject to approval at the next Meeting

Attendance Details

Cllr David Coleman (Chairman), Cllr Mrs Lynne Apedaile, Cllr Mrs Jennie Beaumont, Cllr Mrs Ann Cains (vice Cllr Dick Cains), Cllr Ken Lupton, Cllr Lee Narroway
D Bond, S Johnson (LD)
In Attendance:
No other persons in attendance
Apologies for absence:
Cllr Dick Cains, Cllr Kevin Faulks
Item Description Decision
Councillor Narroway declared a personal non prejudicial interest in the item entitled Standards Committee - Appointment of Parish Representatives due to being known to one of the applicants.

Councillor Mrs Beaumont declared a personal non prejudicial interest in the item entitled Standards Committee - Appointment of Parish Representatives due to being known to two of the applicants, and left the meeting room prior to the determination and voting on the appointments, due to ongoing issues between herself and one of the other applicants.
RECOMMENDED to Council that:-

1. TWB and CVA be appointed as the full Parish Representatives on the Standards Committee.

2. Two Substitute Parish Representatives be appointed at a later date, as detailed above.

3. Interviews be included as part of the procedure for future appointment panels.

4. The term of office for the full Parish Representatives and the Substitute Parish Representatives be three years, to be reviewed annually.


Members of the Committee considered a report that provided details of the applicants for the position of Parish Representative on the Council’s Standard Committee.

The terms of office of the current (2) Parish Representatives and (1) Substitute Representative on the Standards Committee expired on 18th December, 2007.

It was explained that both of the full Representatives had indicated that they were willing to continue in office for a further term and the substitute representative had indicated a wish to become a full representative of the Committee. In addition, one other individual had expressed a wish to be considered for the position of full parish representative of the Committee. It was advised that the level of interest arose from all Town/Parish Clerks being asked to ascertain if any of their Councillors would be interested in applying, and the placing of an advertisement in the Evening Gazette asking for expressions of interest.

Currently there were positions for two full time parish representatives for the Standards Committee and one substitute. It was explained that given the proposed new local filter assessment arrangements and the increased scope for conflicts of interest to arise resulting in the requirement for additional Members to sit on local filter assessment panels, it was recommended that as well as 2 full-time parish representatives, 2 substitute parish representatives be recommended for appointment. Members were advised that this would provide useful added flexibility (subject to appropriate training), particularly as there were likely to be more parish councillor misconduct cases, than Borough Councillor misconduct cases. It was noted that a parish representative on the Committee had to be present where a parish councillor misconduct case was being dealt with. It was also indicated that at least one full Parish Representative would need to be appointed for the purposes of the next Standards Committee on 24th January 2008, in order for the meeting to be quorate.

The Monitoring Officer advised Members that it would be possible to appoint the two full Parish Representatives now, but preferable to leave the appointment of the two Substitute Parish Representatives to a later date as he considered that it would be beneficial to re-publicise those positions, given that some Town/Parish Councils may not have had a meeting scheduled during the period for expressions of interest.

Members of the Committee discussed the procedure for the appointment panel and suggested that it would be useful to interview applicants in the future for both the full Parish Representatives and the substitute Parish Representatives.

The term of office for the full Parish Representatives and the substitute Parish Representatives was also discussed. It was agreed that the term of office should be for three years, to be reviewed annually.

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