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Officer Decisions (in consultation)

Chief Executive
16 Jul 2019 FBS/19/1920
13 Jun 2016 CE/01/1617
18 Dec 2013 DTVA - Deed of Variation to the Admission Agreement
03 Oct 2013 DTVA - Engaging Cavu Corporate Finance Limited to provide expert advice
10 May 2013 To engage BTG McInnes Corporate Finance - DTVA
10 May 2013 To engage Dickinson Dees - DTVA
23 Feb 2012 DTVA - To respond to the Conversion Notice served by PAL under the SSA and to comply with the requirements of the SSA in terms of responding to the Notice.
23 Feb 2012 Cancellation of Special Meeting of Council - 28 March 2012
23 Feb 2012 DTVAL
24 Nov 2011 Change of Council meeting date
27 May 2009 Auhtorisation for a site erroneously omitted for the SHLAA document
19 Dec 2007 To Appoint M C F LLP in conjunction with D D Solicitors to undertake a corporate financial review regarding the Local Authorities' shareholding in Durham Tees Valley Airport.
05 Dec 2007 Report of Directors and audited accounts
Deputy Chief Executive
03 Dec 2019 XEN.14.1920 - For the provision of ICT laptop hardware and associated
warranty services to SBC
18 Mar 2019 Minor amendment to policy conditions for home boarders.
13 Dec 2018 DCH/01/1819
19 Dec 2017 Home Boarding Conditions Consultation

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