Agendas and Minutes are available for the following committees.

Children & Young People Select Committee
Crime and Disorder Select Committee
Executive Scrutiny Committee
People Select Committee
Place Select Committee
Tees Valley Joint Health Scrutiny Committee
Audit and Governance Committee
General Licensing Committee
Planning Committee
Standards Panel
Statutory Licensing Committee
Statutory Licensing Sub Committee
Independent Remuneration Panel
Investigation and Disciplinary Panel
Schools Forum
Arts Leisure & Culture Select Committee (ceased 2015)
Audit Committee (ceased to operate 21/05/2019)
Cleveland Police and Crime Panel
Cleveland Police and Crime Panel Complaints Sub Committee
Corporate and Social Inclusion Select Committee (ceased to operate 03/06/2015)
Corporate, Adult Services & Social Inclusion Select Committee (ceased 2011)
Environment Select Committee (ceased 2015)
Health Select Committee (ceased 2011)
Housing & Community Safety Select Committee (ceased to operate 03/06/2015)
Licensing Committee (ceased to operate 10/04/2017)
Licensing Sub Committee (ceased to operate 10/04/2017)
Other Licensing Committee (ceased to operate 22/05/2019)
Regeneration & Transport Select Committee (ceased to operate 03/06/2015)
Standards (Parish & Independent Representatives) Appointment Panel (ceased to operate 30/06/2013)
Standards Committee (ceased 2012)

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