Member and Committee Information

The Economic Regeneration and Transport Partnership (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Formed: 04 Nov 2009
Member Details
M Rowell (Chairman)
L Barton (Officer)
Paul Dobson (Officer)
R Hartley (Officer)
L Kiely (Officer)
Richard McGuckin (Officer)
Richard Poundford (Officer)
S Upex (Officer)
S Woodhouse (Officer)
Mr T Bowman (Parish Representative)
Rev Whiting (Parish Representative)
Mr P Addison (Representative)
C Breka (Representative)
Mr B Bunn (Representative)
P Burns (Representative)
Tony Campbell (Representative)
L Cannon (Representative)
Mr A Cattermole (Representative)
J Clift (Representative)
R Davison (Representative)
M Deakin (Representative)
E Detchon (Representative)
K Devereux (Representative)
N Din (Representative)
D Elphee (Representative)
J Fryett (Representative)
S Hanson (Representative)
J Harris (Representative)
Mr A Hatton (Representative)
P Kawndele (Representative)
N Kenley (Representative)
M Lakinski (Representative)
S Morton (Representative)
Mr B Overin (Representative)
R Powell (Representative)
S Robson (Representative)
S Scotchbook (Representative)
J Stothard (Representative)
Contact Sustrans (Representative)
L Timmins (Representative)
G Ward (Representative)
T Williams (Representative)

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