Member and Committee Information

Stockton-on-Tees Children's Trust Board (ceased)
Formed: 04 Nov 2009
Member Details
Cllr Alan Lewis (Lib-Dem)  
Mike Batty (Officer)
Tony Beckwith (Officer)
Paul Dobson (Officer)
M Graham (Officer)
Mrs Elizabeth Horne (Officer)
Jane Humphreys (Officer)
Shaun McLurg (Officer)
J Morrison (Officer)
Neil Schneider (Officer)
Peter Seller (Officer)
C Walsh (Officer)
K Agrawal (Representative)
P Andrews-Mawer (Representative)
S Bamber (Representative)
D Brunskill (Representative)
L Cannon (Representative)
S Egleton (Representative)
J Ennis (Representative)
B Fox (Representative)
J Fryett (Representative)
V Goodrum (Representative)
Ruth Hill (Representative)
P Lowe (Representative)
G Oram (Representative)
G Prest (Representative)
N Rosser (Representative)
L Saiger (Representative)
E Shassere (Representative)
H Smithson (Representative)
M Surtees (Representative)
R Thornham (Representative)
F Toller (Representative)
M Waters (Representative)
Simon Willson (Representative)

The political make up for the Stockton-on-Tees Children's Trust Board (ceased) is currently

Liberal-Democrat (1 member)

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