Member and Committee Information

Stockton Youth Assembly
Formed: 01 Oct 2013
Member Details
Sadie Baines - Stoodley (Representative)
Maisy Best (Representing Conyers School)
Sophie Chapman (Representative)
Alex Chorlton-Wilson (Representative)
Kasia Clark (Representative)
Joshua Corfield (Representative)
Rachel Duffy (Representative)
Beth Gibson (Representative)
Jack Gibson (Representative)
George Guilfoyle (Representative)
Sam Hardy (Representative)
Abigail Herron (Representative)
Emily Hill (Representative)
Savannah Hounsome (Representative)
Stephen Jones (Representative)
Rhianna Lees (Representative)
Leone McMaster (Representing North Shore Academy)
Colin McPhee (Representative)
Ashley Parker (Representative)
Leroy Turner (Representing North Shore Academy)
Matthew Walker (Representative)
Storm Waterfield (Representative)
Ellen Weston (Representative)
Liani Weston (Representative)
Alex Whitmore (Representative)

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