Member and Committee Information

Central Locality Forum (ceased)

Sarah Robinson SBC Municipal Buildings 01642 526498

Formed: 10 Dec 2013
Member Details
Cllr Paul Kirton (Lab)  
Cllr Steve Nelson (Lab)  
Cllr Maurice Perry (FI)  
Cllr Stephen Richardson (Con)  
Cllr Bill Woodhead MBE (FI)  
Pamela Birtle (Representative)
Stephen Brock (Representative)
Inspector Mick Brown (Representative)
Chris Carter (Representative)
Mrs S Fletcher (Representative)
Mr D Headland (Representative)
A Howard (Representative)
Glen Johnstone (Representative)
Abdul Khan (Representative)
J McColm (Representative)
Mr R Parker (Representative)
Mrs V Pickering (Representative)
G Rees (Representative)
Liz Rooney (Representative)
Nick Rowland (Representative)
M Surtees (Representative)
Mr P Thomas (Representative)
T Williams (Representative)

The political make up for the Central Locality Forum (ceased) is currently

Labour (2 members)
Conservative (1 member)

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