Member and Committee Information

The Council is composed of the following committees.

Cabinet Pre Agenda
Corporate Directors Remuneration Panel Committee
Leaders Cabinet Briefing
Local STP
North East Joint Health Committee
Children and Young People's Partnership
Covid-19 Control Group
Domestic Abuse Steering Group
Health & Wellbeing Board
Health Protection Collaborative
Local Outbreak Engagement Group
Children & Young People Select Committee
Crime and Disorder Select Committee
Executive Scrutiny Committee
People Select Committee
Place Select Committee
Tees Valley Joint Health Scrutiny Committee
Audit and Governance Committee
Civic Awards Panel
Employee Appeals Panel
General Licensing Committee
Independent Persons Panel
Planning Committee
Standards (Independent Persons) Appointment Panel
Standards Panel
Statutory Licensing Committee
Statutory Licensing Sub Committee
Commemoration Working Group
Corporate Parenting Board
Housing Member Reference Group
Independent Remuneration Panel
Investigation and Disciplinary Panel
Joint Bodies - Archives
Joint Bodies - Cleveland Emergency Planning
Joint Bodies-River Tees Port Health Authority
Older Persons' Consultative Forum
Police Authority
Police Joint Committee
Schools Forum
Scrutiny Liaison Forum
Teesside Pension Fund & Investment Panel
TRISTAR Management Board
Tristar Shadow Board
Adult Social Care Programme Board
Adults Strategy Board
Capital Strategy & Asset Management Group
Childrens Board
Corporate Diversity Working Group
Corporate Governance Working Group
Corporate Management Team
Corporate Working Group - Procurement
Corporate Working Group Chairs
Departmental Management Team (DNS)
Digital Communications Group
Efficiency Improvement & Transformation Board
Energy and Waste Management Programme Board
Human Resources Strategy Group
ICT Strategy Group
Policy Officers Group
Senior Management Team
Executive Board
Leadership Board
Planning and Economic Strategy Board
Tees Valley Living Board
Transport for Tees Valley Board
Visit Tees Valley Board
Members Advisory Panel
Schools Workforce Joint Consultative Panel
Stockton Home Safety Association
Adults' Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Group
Appointments Panel (Heads of Service) (ceased to operate 21/05/2019)
Arts Leisure & Culture Select Committee (ceased 2015)
Assessment Sub Committee (ceased)
Audit and Governance Committee (TVCA)
Audit Committee (ceased to operate 21/05/2019)
Campus Stockton Collaborative Partnership (ceased)
Central Area Partnership Board (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Central Locality Forum (ceased)
Children and Young People's Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Group
Childrens Social Care Programme Board (ceased to operate 28/02/2017)
Cleveland Police and Crime Panel
Cleveland Police and Crime Panel Complaints Sub Committee
Consideration Sub Committee (ceased)
Corporate and Social Inclusion Select Committee (ceased to operate 03/06/2015)
Corporate, Adult Services & Social Inclusion Select Committee (ceased 2011)
Culture Partnership (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Democratic and Development Services Team Meeting
Eastern Area Partnership Board (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Eastern Locality Forum (ceased)
Education Support Panel
Environment Select Committee (ceased 2015)
Fuel Poverty Partnership (ceased)
Health & Wellbeing Partnership (ceased)
Health Select Committee (ceased 2011)
Hearings Sub Committee (ceased)
Housing & Community Safety Select Committee (ceased to operate 03/06/2015)
Licensing Committee (ceased to operate 10/04/2017)
Licensing Sub Committee (ceased to operate 10/04/2017)
Local Development Framework Steering Group
Local Plan Steering Group
Markets Forum
Members Advisory Panel-New Constitution
Northern Area Partnership Board (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Northern Locality Forum (ceased)
Other Licensing Committee (ceased to operate 22/05/2019)
Overview and Scrutiny Committee (TVCA)
Parish Council Liaison Forum
Regeneration & Transport Select Committee (ceased to operate 03/06/2015)
Respite Opportunities and Short Breaks Joint Health Scrutiny Committee (ceased)
Review Sub Committee (ceased)
Shadow Health & Wellbeing Board (ceased to operate 31/05/2013)
Shadow Health & Wellbeing Partnership (ceased to operate 31/05/2013)
St Ann's Development Board (ceased)
Standards (Parish & Independent Representatives) Appointment Panel (ceased to operate 30/06/2013)
Standards Committee (ceased 2012)
Standards Sub Committee
Stockton Environment Partnership (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Stockton Local Strategic Partnership (ceased)
Stockton Renaissance Partnership Board (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Stockton Youth Assembly
Stockton-on-Tees Children's Trust Board (ceased)
Tees Valley Combined Authority Board
Tees valley Joint Health Scrutiny (ceased)
Tees Valley Joint Strategy Committee
Tees Valley Rail Group
Tees Valley Transport Committee
The Economic Regeneration and Transport Partnership (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
The Housing and Neighbourhood Partnership (ceased)
Western Area Partnership Board (ceased to operate 27/11/2013)
Western Locality Forum (ceased)

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